Dotlife A simple C++ framework for object distribution

project summary


This project is a funny experiment where I try to answer to the following questions:

By distributed application, I mean pieces of code (objects), which communicate the same way whether they are located in a single process, or on different connected hardwares.

Dotlife is yet another experimental framework for object distribution. It offers some very simple mechanisms for object registration and communication based on the C++ languages.

It has also a light support for unit test codes, which can be easily removed at, compile time.

Supported platforms

So far the framework has been tested and found to work on the following platforms:

Build and examples

Sorry! This project has no documentations. Until now I have concentrated my time on the functionalities and I will write a documentation as soon as possible.

The starting files used for compilation are located under the directories build/win32 for Visual Studio and build/linux for Linux and Cygwin platforms.

An example about how to use the framework can be found in the regression directory.

Source codes

The source codes may be directly downloaded the file

Or ckecked out by using Subversion version control system:

svn co dotlife

You may take a look to the codes in the repository via ViewVC:


This project is in a very early iteration stage. Improvements of this web side as well as the C++ codes will continue. However, feedbacks about how to improve this project for the next iterations are very welcome.

You can contact me at the following email address: